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意大利原料配方,马来西亚包装和出产,由Casa di Bellezzaa 授权注册独家代理,版权保护。通过Labtest,100%NATURAL,马来西亚卫生局认证书GMP,HALAL ,HACCP & ISO 22000 certified.


① 睡醒空腹前饮用。 

② 取出摇杯,放入200毫升的温水后将小袋(15克)产品倒入, 然后摇一摇据可饮用。 

③ 一天至少喝3公升白开水,有助身体代谢能力。


① 睡前饮用。 

② 取出摇杯,放入200毫升的温水或冷水(根据个人喜好) 后将小袋(15克)产品倒入,然后摇一摇即可饮用。 

☞ 注意 : 怀孕,哺乳的妇女,18岁以下及60岁以上,正服用药物的患者都不建议服用此产品,避免产生任何化学物。

Material Formula is come from Italian, packaging and production in Malaysia, Casa di Bellezza is registration authorized exclusive agent, copyright protection. 

By Labtest, 100% NATURAL, Malaysia Health Bureau certification GMP, HALAL, HACCP & ISO 22000 certified.

🏻Morning: Wake up to drink 1 sachet with warm water.
🏻Night: Before going to sleep drink 1 sachet with normal water.
🏻A day must drink 3-5 liters of water to help the body operate


成分/ Ingredient:


Afican Wild Mango , White Kidney Bean , Hoodia Gordonia , Garcinia Cambogia , Guarana Extract , Cocoa Powder , Oat Powder , Cereal Powder , Organic Soya Powder , Fructose .



burn fat, suppress appetite, increase satiety, reduce stomach acid, reducing caloric intake, increase serotonin, help the liver into energy, increase metabolism, reduce mental fatigue and improve mood.


成分 / Ingredient:


Psyllium Husk , L-Carnithine Fumarate , Garcinia Cambogia , L-Arginine , Mango Powder , Citric Acid , Fructose .

功效 /Funtion:  


lets you add a full night's sleep, the treatment of constipation, cleaning the colon, accelerate wound healing, improve blood circulation, liver detoxification, lower cholesterol, nutrition, increased energy levels, burn the fat consumed in one day discharge.

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